Ok. I’m a geek and I like markdown. I’ve been testing with Express and wanted to use markdown.

$ npm install -g express
$ express --sessions --css stylus myapp
$ cd myapp && npm install
$ node app.js

Now you can go to http://localhost:3000 and see The Express Default Page.

If we want use markdown we need install:

$ npm install node-markdown

Let’s create a new markdown file into views:

$ vi views/index.mdown


***Ok*** this is a test

In app.js file add this files:

, fs = require('fs')
var md = require("node-markdown").Markdown;
var index_file = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/views/index.mdown', "utf8");
app.locals.body = md(index_file);

In views change file index.jade adding:


Wonderful! I really like express!