When you work (hard) with many servers on terminal you need to distinguish them. The best way is.

Set the prompt

Add line to .bashrc:

export PS1="\e[1;36m\u@\h-super-dev-\w# \e[m"

Don’t forget reload file:

source .bashrc

Ok there are lots of colours.


A list:

Black       0;30     Dark Gray     1;30
Blue        0;34     Light Blue    1;34
Green       0;32     Light Green   1;32
Cyan        0;36     Light Cyan    1;36
Red         0;31     Light Red     1;31
Purple      0;35     Light Purple  1;35
Brown       0;33     Yellow        1;33
Light Gray  0;37     White         1;37

Changing the motd file

When you start system you can change initial message in /etc/motd. Mental note: Don’t forget make a copy when you change it.

And add colour to your live! Simple sample motd:

[moncho@bdunk.com]$ echo -en "\033[1;34m" > /etc/motd
[moncho@bdunk.com]$ echo "Text of your motd file....." >> /etc/motd
[moncho@bdunk.com]$ echo -en "\033[0m" >> /etc/motd

You can add funny ASCII Artwors: