This is a sample made with express.js and 2 libraries: node-wpapi and node-cache.

You can find the code here.

git clone
cd express-wordpressapi-cache
npm i
npm start

Into “lib/wordpress.js” you can put your API url page.

This is the file where we are checking if we can access to cached data “routes/index.js”.

var isCached = 'posts';
var cachePosts = cache.get(isCached);

If we can’t access to cached data then we get the posts from the API and then create the cache.

Into the file “routes/index”:

cache.put('posts', passPosts, 5000); // 5 seconds

In this case we put 5000ms. If time isn’t passed in, it is stored forever.

Using cache, displaying the pages will be much more efficient.